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Most Indonesians reject idea of Islamic caliphate

This article is more than 12 months old

JAKARTA: The spectre of a revived Islamic caliphate has engulfed Indonesia in the past few months.

But, a recent survey has shown that not even one in 10 Indonesians is willing to replace democracy with it, a survey by a respected pollster has found.

The majority of Indonesians support democracy based on the principles of Pancasila, the state ideology agreed upon by the nation's founding fathers, according to a survey released on Sunday by Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting.


The research found 79.3 per cent of 1,350 respondents supported the existing political system and regarded it as final.

They rejected the idea of a caliphate proposed by some organisations.

Only 9.2 per cent of respondents agreed with a theocratic Islamic state and 11.5 per cent did not give an answer.

The research was conducted from May 14 to 20, with a margin of error of 2.7 per cent.

Of 66.4 per cent who knew about ISIS, only 2.7 per cent supported it while 89.6 per cent rejected it.

And 91.3 per cent of respondents said ISIS should be banned in Indonesia.