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M'sia man tries to sell car to fund son's cancer treatment

"Cars can be bought, but not lives," said Mr Erwan Shah Mohd Asen, whose teenage son has Stage 1 intestinal cancer.

The 43-year-old mechanic from Kulai posted on Facebook a video of Muhammad Adif Zafran in hospital and photos of a BMW E39.

Mr Erwan is trying to sell the car for RM18,000 ($5,100) to help fund the treatment for his 16-year-old son.

"I've had the car for about five years but it is still in good shape as I used it only if I had to travel long distances. I bought it for more than RM30,000 but I am selling it at RM18,000," Mr Erwan told Harian Metro.

"The chemotherapy alone will cost about RM50,000. I don't know how to get that much money."

Adif, who is the oldest of three children, has undergone three rounds of chemotherapy.

Mr Erwan added that Adif has been in hospital for a fortnight. His wife Nur Hidayah Md Zam, 39, watches over Adif while Mr Erwan takes care of their two younger children.

"I have to sell the car as my monthly income is unstable and I have to pay rent for our house," said Mr Erwan.