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M'sian cops ask Interpol to track down comedian Jocelyn Chia

PETALING JAYA The Malaysian police is asking Interpol to help it track down comedian Jocelyn Chia.

Bernama quoted Inspector-General of Police Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani as saying an “application” would be filed with Interpol to get Ms Chia’s “full identity” and “latest location”.

No other details were provided.

Ms Chia, who was born in the United States but raised in Singapore, made light of the 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with 239 people on-board during an April 7 stand-up comedy show in New York.

She also poked fun at the rivalry between Singapore and Malaysia.

In an 89-second video clip of her set posted on Instagram, she said: “My country, Singapore, after we gained independence from the British, we were a struggling little nation. In order to survive, we formed a union with a larger, more powerful country, Malaysia.”

“When my prime minister went on TV to announce that you guys had dumped us, he cried because he thought we were not going to survive without you,” she said.

Ms Chia, now a US citizen, then went on to say: “”But then, 40 years later, we became a First World country. And you guys? Malaysia, what are you now? Still a developing country.”

She added: “Now, Malaysia, you all are trying to come around, like, ‘Hey Singapore, you’re looking good lah.’ And we’re like, ‘I know, but why haven’t you visited me in 40 years?’

“And (Malaysia’s) like, ‘Yeah I tried, but you know, my aeroplanes cannot fly,” she said, to laughter and audible gasps from her audience.

She added: “Why, Malaysia Airlines going missing not funny, huh? Some jokes don’t land.” - THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK