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Najib to table new law to fight child sex crimes

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Malaysian PM emphasises bill will be effective and comprehensive

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Prime Minister's blood is "boiling" with rage over child sexual crimes, and he is going to make sure justice is served swiftly.

At the launch of the Jenayah Seksual Kanak-Kanak: Hentikan!! (Child Sexual Crimes: Stop It!! in Malay) campaign yesterday, Mr Najib Razak vowed to put an end to the heinous crimes that have become rampant in Malaysia.

He plans to start with a new child sexual crime bill, which will be tabled later this month.

He also plans to set up a special court to hear child sexual crime cases, so "justice is done... and done swiftly".

"We will not compromise," he said.

"We will work hard to put an end to all forms of exploitation and cruelty towards children."

During his speech, he referred to a case earlier this year of a three-year-old who had died after having been sexually abused by his mother's boyfriend, which left him "boiling".

"The child should have been receiving love and kindness from the parents, but instead, he was abused so cruelly that he died," said Mr Najib.

He also talked about an eight-year-old who was raped and beaten by her stepfather.

"Not only did he abuse her, he also threatened her to stay silent," he said.

"I cannot imagine how someone who calls himself a father can do something so horrible."

Mr Najib was quick to emphasise that the government will ensure the law tabled in Parliament is effective, comprehensive and holistic.

Patron of the Permata Programmes and Mr Najib's wife, Madam Rosmah Mansor, has been championing the cause and the Hentikan!! campaign.

She emphasised the collective responsibility of society in promoting awareness of child sexual crimes.

"Many cases go unreported because children are afraid and families want to protect their good name. However, I am convinced that if we all work together, child sexual crimes can be put to an end," she said.

Mr Najib said many people are still unaware of the threat of child sexual crimes as the topic is "considered taboo or sensitive".

"But it is important to teach children what is appropriate and inappropriate, and that their body belongs to them alone," he added.

Mr Najib called on Malaysians to unite behind the cause and to ensure the Bill is passed without opposition as it is an issue that is beyond politics. - THE STAR

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