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Naughty girl: Six-year-old snips off woman's hair in China salon

A six-year-old girl with a pair of scissors left unattended at a hair salon? That spells trouble.

One woman in China was a victim of a prank when a portion of her long hair got “snipped off” by a mischievous child at a hair salon. 

According to media reports, the girl's mother was getting her hair done at the salon on May 16, while the child was roaming the premises. 

When no one was looking, the girl picked up a pair of scissors, walked over to a customer and cut off a section of her hair.

The incident was captured on the salon's CCTV, and footage was posted by the South China Morning Post earlier this week.

Angered by the prank, the woman reportedly broke into tears and called the police.

In the end, the girl's mum agreed to pay a compensation of 11,500 yuan (S$2,200), which will fund eight sessions of hair extensions and hair treatment for the customer over the next two years. 

Many netizens opined that the child should have been disciplined and taught how to behave in public. 


Though they were also some who said the victim might be overreacting a tad.