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New Milo recipe in New Zealand tastes "disgusting"

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Someone really should tell Nestle that.

The food giant recently altered the recipe of Milo in New Zealand to reflect "children’s nutritional needs".

The result? Milo which many New Zealanders say tastes "disgusting".

So what has changed? Vitamin D has been added and vanilla flavouring has been removed.

Nestle has also switched to using sustainable palm oil.

Daniel Glubb said on a Facebook page calling for a Milo boycott: "The new Milo tastes disgusting why would you change the recipe!"

Josh Rogan commented: "OMG! Just tasted the new Milo. I can’t believe the taste difference. It is not nice & is not a ‘slight change’, I am gutted this has happened."

Nestle spokesman Margaret Stuart said the company had been surprised by the extent of the reaction but had no plans to revert to the old recipe.

"To have such a backlash over what is a small flavour shift is surprising," she told TV3.

The Milo in Singapore is made in Nestle's factory in Jurong.

Here's what people have been saying about the new recipe:

Not the first

This isn't the first time a change in the recipe of a much-loved product has outraged fans.

Chocolate lovers raised a terrible hue and cry in January when it was revealed that Cadbury had tweaked its Creme Eggs formula.

It replaced the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate egg shell with one made from "standard cocoa mix chocolate".

Source: AFP

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