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Student warns about KL store after getting charged $630 for screen protector

This article is more than 12 months old

A student in Malaysia took to Facebook to warn others about a potential scam, after being charged $630 for a screen protector for her phone. 

In the post shared on Tuesday (Feb 28), the student said she was approached by a promoter near Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday (Feb 26), who offered to sell her a screen protector and phone case for RM 25 ($7.50). 

Though she declined at first, she decided to “support him” after realising she needed to replace her screen protector. 

Upon reaching the store, she said the promoter asked for her identification card, explaining that it was necessary for the registration of the screen protector’s insurance. 

She gave her IC, assuming the insurance to be warranty.


But during the registration process, she noticed the insurance being charged at RM2099 ($630). 

When questioned, she said the promoter assured her that the insurance would provide additional coverage in the event her screen protector sustains damages, and that the final charge would be RM25 as stated initially. 

In a turn of events, she said she ended up being charged RM2099 after the registration process and installation were complete. 

She added that she was told a bill would not be sent to her, and that she had to pay up immediately. 

After some negotiation, she said she ended up paying RM1575 ($473) because she had only RM1700 ($510) in her bank account. 

In her post, the student said she had no evidence of the transaction as she was not given a receipt. 

She warned others, stating: “I just want to… remind everyone to pay attention, to beware of stores who play 'word games' with you.”

Adding that she would be making a police report over the matter, she also urged netizens to not be fooled into accepting whatever is being demanded. 

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