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Three injured as giant octopus ride at Thailand’s amusement park crashes

BANGKOK – A malfunctioning hydraulic system was blamed for an accident at a Bangkok amusement park on Thursday night that left three visitors injured.

The Polipo “giant octopus” ride at the Siam Carnival Funfair, located under the Rama 8 Bridge in Bang Phlat district in the Thai capital, malfunctioned and crashed to the ground.

Two women aged 24 and 29, as well as a 14-year-old girl were injured in the accident, suffering bruises and cuts. They were all rushed to the Chaophraya Hospital.

Those injured were riding one of the giant octopus’ five arms.

The amusement park’s general manager, Mr Somchai Chaidee, said it was discovered that a 50mm iron clasp of the arm had cracked, causing its seat to fall. Upon inspection, it was found that the arm’s hydraulic shock absorber was damaged.

The malfunctioning ride consisted of five arms extending from a rotating centre, with each arm accommodating up to four seats and two visitors per seat.

Mr Somchai said three to four people suffered minor injuries in the accident and Siam Carnival Funfair would cover all medical expenses.

The manager said the machine, imported from Italy, has a safety mechanism that stops the ride immediately after the accident, preventing other passengers from falling off their seats.

He said this was the first such incident at the amusement park, adding that all of its machines were tested thoroughly before they were put into service.

Police investigators took photos of the scene and questioned the injured at the hospital. All those responsible will be summoned for interrogation.

The giant octopus ride was removed by a crane following the accident. Other rides will continue to operate at the location until Oct 31, according to the organisers.

Siam Carnival Funfair, which the organisers claim to be the largest mobile amusement park in Thailand, is set up at different locations in the city. – THE NATION/ASIA NEWS NETWORK