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Watch: Speeding BMW slices Mazda in two

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A speeding BMW ran a red light at a busy junction in Nanjing city and crashed into an oncoming Mazda.

The impact split the Mazda into two and sent the male driver and female passenger flying out of the vehicle.

Both died at the scene.

The accident happened shortly before 2pm on Saturday (June 20).

The driver of the BMW, Wang Jijin, 35, abandoned his car and fled the scene, reported ETtoday.

Wang, whose entire face was bloodied, was arrested about 400m away.

It is believed the BMW had been travelling faster than 150kmh.

One half of the Mazda. PHOTO: WEIBO

Wang tested negative for drugs or alcohol.

Police found more than 1kg of white powder in the car, but it was later determined to be corn flour.

Police are investigating the case.

Sources: ETtoday, iFeng, Shanghaiist

Watch: Footage of the accident from different angles





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