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Woman in India buys $4,000 gold chain for her dog’s birthday

It is a dog, its name is Tiger, and its “collar” is a thick gold chain.

To celebrate the canine’s birthday, Tiger’s owner Sarita Saldanha splurged more than 250,000 Indian rupees (S$4,000) to buy the chain for it.

“Celebrating the profound and beautiful companionship between humans and animal,” Indian jewellery shop Anil Jewellers said in an Instagram video, which has been viewed more than 86,000 times.

The June 16 video shows Ms Saldanha buying the jewellery, which weighs 35g, while the canine, which has a short, light-coloured coat, waited for her in the shop. Tiger, whose age is not stated, is an Indie dog, also known as a street dog.

“Our patron Sarita decided to celebrate her beloved dog Tiger’s birthday in a special way. To mark the occasion, she went to Anil Jewellers and chose a stunning chain for her paw friend,” the video caption said, describing it as “the perfect gift for the day”.

Ms Saldanha, who lives in Mumbai, was then shown putting the chain around Tiger’s neck while the dog wagged its tail in excitement.

Many netizens found the gesture heart-warming and cute, with Mr Hemant Kesari describing it as “wholesome”.

The loyalty of a dog “is worth... billions” compared with that of humans, wrote a commentator with the handle advrameshbadi37, adding that the owner “has respected her pet with such (an) unbelievable gift”.

However, there were other netizens who frowned on the lavish gift.

“Congratulations, now you have made your pet more miserable and liable to be attacked by the snatchers, and don’t cry in the corner when something happens to it!” wrote Mr Eshwar Padkantwar.

“Feed the stray dogs,” a commentator with the handle oon_g commented.

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