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Woman who won $5m lottery in M'sia says numbers kept showing up in dreams

A Malaysian store owner who won RM16.3 million (S$4.9 million) in a lottery said the winning numbers came to her in a dream – repeatedly.

The 54-year-old woman said she kept seeing two four-digit numbers, 3887 and 5785, in her dreams as well as in reality, according to the Malay Mail.

Her numbers were two out of the three winning numbers in the Magnum 4D Jackpot game draw on March 29.

“The number 5785 kept showing up in my dreams, and I just had to try my luck to purchase this number,” the woman, who lives in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, told the Malay Mail.

While en route to Banting to visit her relatives, she said she also came across several vehicles with the car plate number 3887.

And, when the woman stopped along the way to purchase fruits, she spotted a Magnum 4D outlet next door.

She followed her instincts and “decided to purchase the System Bet-8, giving eight sets of numbers to increase [her] chances”.

The woman was in disbelief when both of her numbers were drawn and even asked her son to verify if she indeed had the winning numbers.

“Being a business shop owner, it’s a seven-day job for me. I have not taken a vacation in years. I would love to spend time with my family, and now, I finally can,” the woman said.

She will also donate a portion of her lottery prize to charity, she added.