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Angry Arsenal fans boycott Costa Coffee following stormy Chelsea game

Football fans can be an irrational bunch, but this probably takes the cake.

Arsenal fans are so incensed at Chelsea striker Diego Costa for his antics during their English Premier League clash at Stamford Bridge on Saturday (Sept 19) that their rage has boiled over and spilled onto coffee chain Costa Coffee.

The aggressive Brazilian-born Spanish striker somehow stayed on the pitch for more than 80 minutes before being substituted after referee Mike Dean failed to censure him for several flagrant fouls, including raising his arms and catching Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny in the face.

He also went chest to chest with the Frenchman, sending the Arsenal man sprawling to the floor.

In a bid to stand up for his defensive partner, Arsenal's Gabriel stepped in.

However, Costa managed to get under his skin and goad the Brazilian centre-back into petulantly lashing out.

On this occasion, Dean saw the altercation and showed Gabriel a straight red card.

While Costa has since been charged by the Football Association for violent conduct, disgruntled Arsenal fans were so sick of Costa that they decided to take their anger out on the coffee chain with his name.



Yep, that will surely show Diego by boycotting the coffee brand that has probably no link to the man except in name only.

It's not like Chelsea fans didn't predict this:



Despite that, Costa Coffee's social media person deserves a pat on the back for their light-hearted attempt to clear their name:

Source: Twitter via Metro

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