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Brazil fan leaves everything to Neymar in will

LONDON - Leaving everything you own to a multi-millionaire soccer player would not be everyone’s idea of a good cause, but one Brazilian fan could not think of a more deserving recipient of his worldly goods than Neymar Jr.

The anonymous fan said that beyond a love for the national team and for Brazil’s football legacy, he identified with Neymar, which led him to officially name the Brazil striker in his will.

“I like Neymar, I identify with him a lot. I also suffer with defamation, I am also very family-oriented and the relationship with his father reminds me a lot of mine with my father, who has passed away,” he said, in an interview with local media outlet Metropoles.

“I am not in very good health and, because of that, I really saw that I don’t have anyone to leave my things to... I wouldn’t want the government or relatives I don’t get along with to take my things.”

The 30-year-old added that he had tried unsuccessfully to give his assets to the Brazil international before, but the will was a legal way to do so and the document was signed by a notary’s office in Porto Alegre.

Paris St Germain’s Neymar is one of the world’s best paid sportsmen, with estimated earnings of US$85 million for 2023, according to Forbes.

“I know that, above all, he is not greedy, something a bit rare these days,” the fan said. - REUTERS