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Dream come true for girl who wrote about Neymar’s boots

Want an autographed pair of Neymar’s boots?

Just write an essay about them.

That’s how 11-year-old Filipino Leanna earned herself a shiny new pair of the Brazilian star’s Nike boots.

In her story, she dreams about finding a pair of the Barcelona forward’s boots and having a kick-about with him.

The organisers of the essay competition she submitted the story to wrote to the club to try make her dream come true, and were rewarded with the 23-year-old’s signature footwear.

“Thank you, Neymar, for giving me this gift. I want to take them to the Philippines this summer, to my family’s home,” said Leanna.

The 11-year-old moved to Spain with her mother Margaret six years ago.

This is Leanna’s essay:


Once I had a dream where I was in my home country, the Philippines.

I was in my town, a smaller place than Barcelona and I was walking to the local football pitch.

I went straight into the dressing room where I supposed that my team-mates would be waiting.

But all I found was a shoe box.

I was surprised and decided to open it, and I was even more surprised when I saw that they were Neymar’s boots.

I put them on and went out onto the field to play. When I got there, Neymar was waiting for me to play some football.

We played until night-time, when Neymar said he had to go and that it had all been a dream.

When I woke up, I could still feel the studs of the boots and my legs ached from so much running.

Source: fcbarcelona.com