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A mascot to scare the living daylights out of everyone

Forget about cute, chubby club mascots.

What’s adorable anyway when you can have one that wets your kids’ pants and scars their childhood?

Allow us to introduce you to Kingsley, the new baby of Scottish Premiership club Partick Thistle.

The yellow, grotesque-to-some sun-like character was recently paraded at Firhill Stadium as part of a new deal with US investment firm, Kingsford Capital. The deal is believed to be worth some £200,000 ($422,400).

It immediately set the social media world buzzing.






And if you can think Kingsley was the results of some drunken graffiti or child's scrawl, it isn’t.

It was designed by British visual artist and humourist, David Shrigley,a nominee for the 2013 Turner Prize.

A lot of the humour in Shrigley's comes from the apprarent inability to draw.






Well, enough said.

We’ll let the mascot itself do the talking.



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