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Worst miss of the season?

It is said strikers are born with a killer’s instinct.

They are supposed to be able to smell a goal before the opportunity even knocks on their door.

Well, for Levante’s Deyverson, he must have left his instinct at home when he turned up to play against Real Betis on Friday (Nov 27).

When presented with an open goal from just six metres out, after his teammate’s effort had rebounded off the woodwork, all he had to do was stroke the ball into the net to level the score.

No pressure, mate.

But, no, he scooped the ball onto the crossbar instead.

Deyverson Shocking Miss Goal From 6 Yard (Epic Fails Football) 2015

It was a truly atrocious miss, one that is sure to be repeated over and over again in the pubs.

To rub salt into the wound, his team eventually lost the match 1-0.