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Iskandar, Chin cop eight-day bans

Two jockeys - CS Chin and CC Wong - and apprentice riders R Iskandar and T Krisna were dealt with by the Racing Stewards for incidents over the racing weekend.

Of the four, Iskandar and Chin both came away with eight-day suspensions and they will be out of action until after April 17.

Iskandar was the rider of Sun Ace in Race 3 on Saturday, when he permitted his mount to shift inwards near the 200m when insufficiently clear of Broadway Success, who had to be checked.

For careless riding, he pulled a four-day suspension which took effect yesterday.

Two races later, when astride Touch The Clouds, he was again hauled up for careless riding in that - near the 400m mark - he inconvenienced Trafalgar (JP van der Merwe) by shifting inwards when there was no room.

Trafalgar had to be checked back. For that he picked up an additional four-day suspension which will leave him out of the saddle until after April 17.

As for Chin, he was astride Wonderful Knight in the last race on Saturday when he, too, allowed his mount to shift inwards when insufficiently clear of other runners, mainly Made In China who had to be checked.

Then, when nearing the 200m mark, Wonderful Knight again shifted inwards and checked My Big Boss. That bought him another four-day suspension.

Krisna was the jockey on Darling in Race 4 on Saturday when, approaching the 1,400m mark of the 1,600m race, he allowed his mount to shift inwards.

That action inconvenienced Dream Big (I Saifudin) and tightened Zahir and Zoffspeed. In turn, River Happiness (Alysha Collett) lost his position.

He will be out of the saddle for five Singapore racedays, beginning yesterday.

CC Wong, the rider of Pisca Pisca, pleaded guilty to careless riding in that, passing the 1,500m of the 1,800m race, his mount shifted inwards and checked Trafalgar.

Wong will be out for four racedays, beginning immediately.

Benny Woodworth, the rider of Sacred Judgement in Race 8 had, near the 100m mark, allowed his mount to shift inwards. Collett on Auspicious Day had to check her mount.

On the matter of penalty, the Stewards set aside a decision until Jockey Woodworth tenders further submissions.