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Batuk M Magendran (Officer with Olympic Council 
of Malaysia)

1. What are you doing in Singapore?

I'm attached to the Olympic Council of Malaysia.

I have been managing the athletics team for the past 10 years but, for this SEA Games, I'm here as a tourist.

I was with the Malaysian contingent for the past five Games, but not this time. Singapore is not very far from Kuala Lumpur, so I decided to come here to watch the SEA Games.

2. How's everything going so far?

Good, Malaysia is organising the next 
SEA Games in 2017, so some of us have come to watch the way Singapore organises the 
28th SEA Games.

It's been organised very well. We also know that this is the first fully digitalised SEA Games.

3. Can you tell us anything about the 2017 SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur?

We have a organising committee already working on it.

We have hosted the Games a few times before, so we have experience. But, nevertheless, some of them are here to see how we can improve on some things we have not done before.

4. What's your favourite event?

Being the sports manager for athletics, I watched the athletics events.

I like to watch the sprints, the middle and long distance events and also the field events, especially the high jump. I used to be a high jumper during my school days. It's a bit of a throwback.


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