Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin 'consciously uncouple' (yes, they broke up)

Uh oh. Looks like Chris Martin is going through his second conscious uncoupling in a year.

Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence are no longer a couple, reported People Magazine.

Remember when we were still giddy with excitement over "Martin Lawrence"? 

It was first reported that the Coldplay frontman, 37, and the Oscar-winning actress, 24, were dating in August.

While neither have come out in public to acknowledge their relationship, Lawrence was seen at Coldplay's concerts.

Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow announced their split in March earlier this year with Paltrow writing in a blog entry that they had "consciously uncoupled".

Meanwhile Lawrence, who was at the centre of a nude photo leak, broke up with Nicholas Hoult in August.

Source: People Magazine


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