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Filming Jennifer Lawrence's first sex scene 'tricky'

Mexican cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto said shooting US actress Jennifer Lawrence's first sex scene was challenging.

She stars with US actor Chris Pratt in sci-fi movie Passengers, which Prieto, 51, shot.

On filming the scene, Prieto told AFP: "The most important thing is that the actors feel comfortable, and I know Jennifer was... a little nervous about it.

"Chris Pratt is a gentleman and all of us were very respectful. But it's tricky, it's not easy."

Lawrence told The Hollywood Reporter last month that her first sex scene was "really bizarre, really weird".

"Everything was done right. It wasn't anybody's fault, nobody did anything wrong, it's just a bizarre experience," she said.

To help her cope, Lawrence got "really, really drunk, but then that led to more anxiety".

She added: "It was just very vulnerable. You don't know what's too much.

"You want everything to be real. That was the most vulnerable I've ever been." - WIRES

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