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Horsemen of X-Men's Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse, now showing in cinemas, marks the big-screen debut of the mutant villain and his four Horsemen.

The TNP Art team takes you through Marvel's version of the Book of Revelation with these variations of the Horsemen from both the comics and movie...


Alias: Ororo Monroe

Played by:Alexandra Shipp

Abilities:Weather manipulation

Bio: In the comics, Storm was never one of Apocalypse's Horsemen, even though she's included in the movie's line-up. Orphaned as a baby, she lives off the streets as a thief until she's discovered by Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), who makes her a Horseman.


Alias: Erik Lehnsherr

Played by: Michael Fassbender

Abilities: Magnetic field manipulation, metal manipulation

Bio: Like Storm, Magneto was never a Horseman in comic lore. Charles Xavier's (James McAvoy) former friend goes into exile after the events of the last X-Men movie, 2014's X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Apocalypse finds and recruits him to join his side.


Alias: Elizabeth Braddock

Played by: Olivia Munn

Abilities: Psionic blade, telekinetic weapon

Bio: Her origins are not made known in the movie but in the comics, Psylocke lost her parents in an explosion in her early 20s. She later joined the X-Force and was sent on a mission to recover Archangel. Unfortunately, she failed and was transformed into the new Horseman of Death.


Alias: Warren Worthington

Played by: Ben Hardy

Abilities: Flight

Bio: Angel was a former X-Men in the comics but here, he is forced to be a mutant cage fighter and in an incident, loses the ability to use his wings. Distraught, he's found by Apocalypse and given a set of bio-mechanical wings which shoot blades. In return, he serves by Apocalypse's side.



Bio: Wolverine, a member of both X-Men and X-Force, was kidnapped by Apocalypse and pit against his brother Sabretooth. When Wolverine emerged victorious, he became Apocalypse's next Horseman of Death.


Bio: A former X-men member, Gambit sought out Apocalypse after the events of M-Day, which almost wiped out all the mutants. He was transformed into Apocalypse's Horseman of Death, wiping his original intent to protect the X-Men.



Bio: Sunfire was a member of Big Hero 6 and the X-Men. During a mission, he lost both his legs and was presumed dead by his teammates. Apocalypse gave him back his legs and in return, he became his Horseman of Famine.


Bio: A psychologist who discovered an alternate future where he is a mutant hunter called Ahab. When he eventually became Ahab, he was captured by Apocalypse and made to serve as his Horseman of Famine.



Bio: After the events of M-Day, Polaris left the X-Men and found herself drawn to a creature called Daap. This turned out to be a trap and she was captured by Apocalypse, becoming his Horseman of Pestilence.


Bio: A former X-Force and X-Factor member, Caliban began to suffer from seizures. It was revealed that this was due to his past altercation with Apocalypse. Caliban then returned to him and was shaped into his Horseman of Pestilence.



Bio: Apocalypse manipulated Hulk into being a Horseman of War on the condition that the shrapnel in his head would be removed. Hulk broke free of Apocalypse's mind control after seeing his friend Rick Jones in agony after battling him.


Bio: Deathbird was a firstborn of the Shi'ar Royal Family, a humanoid alien race which are descendants of bird-like creatures. She was recruited to serve Apocalypse as the Horseman of War and retrieved the Living Monolith for him.



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