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Malaysian actor Danny Lee beaten up in Taiwan for bumping into parked car

A misunderstanding has led to Malaysian actor Danny Lee getting beaten up.

On Dec 3, the Diam Diam Era (2020 and 2021) actor posted photos of his bruised face and cut lip, and shared his account of the horrific attack on Instagram. In the films by home-grown film-maker Jack Neo, he played actor Mark Lee's son.

Danny Lee, 33, who is based in Taiwan, recounted that while he and his girlfriend were leaving a restaurant after attending his friend's birthday party on Dec 2, he lost his balance and bumped into a parked car.

When Lee realised there was a couple in the back seat, he quickly apologised for disturbing them. But the man started cursing at him, asking why he was peeking at them, Lee wrote.

While trying to explain it was a misunderstanding, the man got out of the car and kicked the actor to the ground. The man then repeatedly grabbed Lee's head and hit it against the ground, raining punches on his face, recounted the actor, adding that he tried to fight back and bit the man's arm.

Lee said he could feel himself losing consciousness and tried to get up. The man then went to his car for a baton and headed back towards him.

The actor said he was saved by patrolling police officers, who subdued his attacker and arrested him.

In his post, Lee expressed his gratitude for the police'’s timely assistance. "If not for them, the outcome would have been unimaginable," he wrote.

Lee added that the terrifying ordeal might seem exaggerated, but he had not set out to cause trouble.

"I still cannot figure out what happened and why it happened to me," he wrote, adding that the matter is now under police investigation.