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Movie Review: Ah Boys To Men 4 (PG13)


Rating: 2.5 stars

The over-the-top bombardment of in-your-face product placements aside, a signature of Jack Neo flicks, the fourth instalment of the local army movie franchise is pretty underwhelming.

If you are an Ah Boys fan like I am, it is worth a watch - but don't expect it to live up to its predecessors.

In this sequel, the cast of characters temporarily leave their normal lives behind to return as lazy, rebellious and sexist reservists.

Credit goes to the actors, particularly Joshua Tan - his infamous Ken Chow has put on quite a bit of weight - for their performances, as well as the brilliant display of tanks and artillery.

Ah Boys To Men 4 may have collected $2 million at the local box office and scored the biggest opening weekend for an Asian movie this year, but the plot is choppy and the jokes lose out to the last three films.

The 133-minute run time seems extreme too, and not every minute is well used. - MELANIS TAI