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Salma Hayek gets pretty ugly in Like A Boss

The beauty business gets ugly in new comedy Like A Boss.

Opening here on Feb 13, it stars Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne as best friends who run their own cosmetics company - until the tempting prospect of a big buyout offer from comically ruthless industry titan Claire Luna (Salma Hayek) puts their lifelong friendship in jeopardy.

The 53-year-old Mexican actress talks about having a blast playing her overbearing character, creating an intriguing blend of mischief, sexiness, determination, strength and outrageousness.

On Claire’s tough exterior

My character represents that woman who became a man, and doesn’t really understand how to connect with other women from a female perspective, and has lost a little bit of her sense of sisterhood and friendship, and it’s all about business.

On how this film is different from other comedies about women

Most comedies are about girls or about finding the guy. And this one is not. It’s about women succeeding in business, in their careers and also in relationships, not necessarily with men, but with each other.
It’s a good crowd pleaser for the girls. I think they’re going to laugh at and identify with a lot of things, and I think it has a big heart too.
I’m hoping that they go with their best friend.

On being excited to do a film mady by women for women

I haven’t done many of those. I mean, since (2006’s) Bandidas, I don’t really think I’ve done another one. And, of course, I love (Like A Boss director) Miguel (Arteta), and he told me that he would let me do some crazy character and give me a lot of freedom, like I invented the look and the character. And the writers were so much fun also to play with, and I think we created quite an interesting character.

On everything fake about Claire

The teeth are not mine. They’re fake teeth, fake eyes, fake hair... what else do I have fake? No, that’s it.

On having a lot of fun making this film

I love the girls. They’re just sublime human beings, and there is a good atmosphere on the set and I’m happy every morning to go to work, even though I can barely speak with these teeth and my mouth and eyes get dry. And they put smoke in the room, I just can’t even know which one is which. The head hurts, the shoes hurt. Even with all the pain, I still love to come every day to work, because it’s such a beautiful environment to work in, it’s really friendly and creative.