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Filming in S'pore was like a ‘holiday’ for Cantopop stars

Cantopop stars Charlene Choi, Gillian Chung and Joey Yung lead hectic lives in Hong Kong.

So when the opportunity came for the Hong Kong artistes to film a reality show together, they jumped on board as they viewed it as a break from work.

The trio – who are all single – were in Singapore in March to shoot the 10-episode second season of Girls’ Spectacular Journey, a Chinese travel variety show focusing on the women’s friendship. It began airing in China on April 23.

During their time in the Lion City, they were spotted around the Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and at Lau Pa Sat hawker centre and a cafe in Chinatown.

In a hotel suite at MBS, the singer-actresses told the local media that filming the show together strengthened their friendship. Collectively, they even nicknamed themselves the dragon (Yung), tiger (Choi) and leopard (Chung).

On the choice of these three creatures, Yung, 43, explained that they are all fierce, and reflect the trio’s strength when they are together.

“When Gillian and I go out, not many people will recognise us. But if Joey is around, usually everyone will look at us. Her voice is very loud,” Choi, 41, jested.

All three considered filming the show “a holiday”. Yung said: “My work in Hong Kong during this time is very tiring. We have not been so hardworking for a long time.”

Indeed, she performed 34 concerts at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in July and August 2023. In February, she released the concert album Another Side...... Joey . My Secret . Live, which documented this series of shows. In addition, she is slated to do a 12-night residency in Macau this coming July and August.

Choi and Chung, who form Cantopop duo Twins, held 14 concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum in January and February to celebrate the group’s 22nd anniversary.

Choi said they used to do five to six shows when they were younger. “At our age, doing 14 shows was very difficult.”

Nonetheless, performing live again was a very happy experience. She recalled: “We had not done concerts for so long, and the audience’s response was so moving. Some of our fans have got married, and brought their spouses and children along to the show. It touched us so much.”

Asked if Twins might perform in Singapore soon, Choi replied: “We are definitely touring.”

In recent years, all three have also taken part in the Chinese reality television show Sisters Who Make Waves, which features celebrities over 30 years old who compete to form a girl group.

Yung came in fourth in the show’s second season in 2021. Chung and Choi took part in the third season in 2022 and took the fifth and seventh place respectively.

Yung said participating in the show was “a very interesting experience” since she usually performs by herself. She added: “Learning how to be part of a band was very new to me.”

The contestants slept in the same dormitory, she recalled, and would take turns to shower every night, as well as chat about what happened in the day. “It felt like we were back in our schooling days,” she said.

Chung, 43, added that the experience helped build her confidence and improve her