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Fans gush over HK singer Karen Mok, 53: 'She looks 35'

Photos of Hong Kong pop diva Karen Mok with what looks like without any make-up on have left fans gushing over her natural beauty.

A fan in Hong Kong bumped into Mok, who was also taking her dogs out for a walk, and requested for photos and an autograph. Sin Chew Daily reported that the 53-year-old happily obliged.

The fan wrote about the encounter on Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu, describing said Mok as attractive and approachable. “At 53, she still looks slim and youthful. Her legs are slender and long. She’s very friendly and charming inside and out."

Several candid shots of Mok and her dogs were included in the post. The singer was seen dressed casually in black tee and leggings.

Even without full-face make-up and glamorous outfits, fans noted that Mok didn't lose her charm and praised her for maintaining most of her looks and figure.

“53? She looks 35! So young,” China Press cited a netizen as saying. Another wrote: “She really does defy ageing. Her face isn’t saggy at all.”

Mok is one of the leading Asian pop singers and actresses. Since making her showbiz debut in 1993, she has released 18 solo albums and starred in over 40 films.

Among her notable songs include He Loves Me Not, Overcast and Growing Fond Of You.

Mok received a Guinness World Record in 2019 for holding the highest altitude mass-attended music concert at the Lhasa Masses Culture And Sports Centre in Tibet, which is 3,646m above sea level. – THE STAR