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Former F4 star Ken Chu is not having children due to hereditary disease

CHANGSHA – Taiwanese actor and former member of boy band F4 Ken Chu has disclosed why he is not having children with his wife, Chinese actress Han Wenwen.

Chu, 43, and Han, 40, are taking part in Chinese reality show Wow! Nice Figure, which premiered earlier in December. It features them and three other celebrity couples attending a “fitness training camp” conducted by Taiwanese artiste and fitness instructor Will Liu.

Chu and Han, who wed in 2016, shared snippets of their married life on the show and also talked about the issue of children.

Chu, best known for his role as playboy Ximen in the Taiwanese idol drama Meteor Garden (2001 to 2002), revealed he suffers from fibromyalgia, a condition that can lead to lasting muscle pain and fatigue.

Other celebrities who are known to have this chronic disorder include American pop star Lady Gaga and Taiwanese actress Janel Tsai.

Chu decided not to have children even though he would like to, as fibromyalgia can run in families and he does not want his kids to suffer and experience what he has gone through.

“We can only wait for medical progress, as medical advancements can arrive quickly,” he said.

Han added they will let nature take its course.

Chu also wrote a letter to Han on the show, thanking her for her steadfast love and patience.

He disclosed that he was initially quite hesitant to commit when they began dating, as he was aware that there could be friction between them in their daily lives.

“I wanted to give up (on the relationship) many times as I have been staying alone for some time,” Chu said. “However, she was determined not to give up and felt that we can be together forever.”

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