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Hong Kong singer Vivian Chow still struggling with fan mail

In May, Hong Kong singer Vivian Chow asked fans to stop sending her letters.

The 55-year-old had posted a photo of herself carrying a huge pile of letters on social media at the time and revealed that she replies to every single letter to make those who support her feel happy.

But despite her request, the snail mail kept on coming.

Last week, Chow shared photos of some of the letters she’s been receiving and an update on her progress.

The veteran singer appears to be struggling again to keep up with the barrage of mail and made another plea to fans to stop sending letters “for now”.

“Hi everyone, previously I spent quite a bit of time and only replied to half of the letters. I am still working on the other half and will slowly respond to each one of them. Please help by not sending letters for now,” she said. 

She promised to let everyone know when she is ready to receive mail again.

Her fans responded by saying they were touched that she still cared to write back and praised her for cherishing them.

Gushed one fan: “Thank you for your hard work, V. I can’t believe I have received replies so many times! No matter how down I am feeling in life, I will immediately cheer up. This kind of impact is really life-changing!”

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