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Katy Perry gets $2 million, can finally move into LA convent

US pop superstar Katy Perry on Friday was awarded nearly US$1.5 million (S$2m) as she finally won in her bid to move into a former convent in Los Angeles.

The singer has more Twitter followers than anyone else in the world at 106 million, but had struggled to win the hearts of two elderly nuns who used to live there.

The Roman Catholic archdiocese had agreed to sell the property, which lies vacant, to Perry in 2015. But the two nuns were unmoved, even when Perry visited and sang for them, and insisted they had authority to sell the former convent to restaurant owner Dana Hollister.

A judge last year invalidated the deed issued to Ms Hollister, who wanted to turn the scenic site in the hilly Los Feliz neighborhood into a boutique hotel.

A Los Angeles jury decided on Friday that Ms Hollister intentionally interfered with the sale to Perry, including by falsely claiming the title to the property.

It awarded US$1.57 million to Perry and US$3.47 million to the archdiocese to cover the costs of its lawyers.

Perry has yet to finalise her move into the convent. She agreed to pay US$10 million upfront for her future home plus US$4.5m to build a replacement elsewhere for a prayer retreat on the grounds. - AFP