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Late singer Coco Lee reportedly learnt of husband’s affair in 2017

TAIPEI - Late Hong Kong-American singer Coco Lee apparently knew that her husband, Canadian businessman Bruce Rockowitz, was having an extramarital affair in 2017, reported Taiwan’s Mirror Media.

On Wednesday, the Taiwanese news outlet obtained a document – believed to be a marital settlement agreement – which stated that Lee had learnt that Mr Rockowitz was having an affair in 2017.

According to the document, he promised to end the affair at the time. However, the singer later found out that he was still keeping in touch with the third party, causing her to “fall into depression”.

The document added that Lee’s depression symptoms worsened in 2022 after her husband went holidaying on the Spanish island of Ibiza when she was battling breast cancer. The singer reportedly learnt of her cancer diagnosis in August 2022.

Although Mr Rockowitz has yet to address this matter, he previously issued a statement in which he denied fighting over Lee’s assets and said he would be taking legal action against those who spread false and defamatory remarks about him.

Meanwhile, Lee’s older sister Nancy said she will not comment on the allegations raised in the leaked document out of respect for the privacy of Mr Rockowitz and her sister.

“This is a personal matter between the two of them. It’s not (appropriate) for me to respond (to the contents of the document),” she said.

Mr Rockowitz has been facing an avalanche of criticism following Lee’s death on July 5.

On Aug 1, he was heckled by the pop singer’s fans outside the crematorium. When asked for a comment by reporters, he said: “I loved Coco my whole life.”

The couple tied the knot in 2011 after dating for eight years. They had been separated for over two years at the time of Lee’s death and were reportedly due to sign divorce papers in July. - THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK