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Late singer Teresa Teng 'appears' on stage in Chinese countdown concert

NANJING - Major television stations in China held new year countdown shows on Friday (Dec 31), but the one that likely received the most attention was that of Jiangsu Television.

The station used virtual technology to "revive" late Taiwanese songstress Teresa Teng, as her hologram sang three songs with Chinese singer Zhou Shen on the show.

Zhou, 29, appeared first on the stage, with a hologram of Teng in a blue cheongsam then rising up slowly to take her place beside him.

They first sang Teng's classic song The Story Of A Small Town, the theme song of the 1979 movie of the same name.

"Teng" changed into a red dress to perform her Cantonese song Strolling Down The Road Of Life with Zhou, who rose to fame after taking part in the third season of Chinese reality talent show The Voice Of China in 2014.

Zhou looked at the hologram from time to time as if he were really on stage together with Teng. "Teng" also danced to the tune of the second song at one point.

For their third and final song, she changed into a grey dress and delighted fans as she greeted them: "Hello everyone, I am Teresa Teng. I am happy to be here at Jiangsu Television working with Zhou Shen."

The duo then said in unison: "Wishing everyone a happy new year."

As if to prove that this was a live performance, they wrapped things up with Zhou's song Big Fish, from Chinese animated movie Big Fish & Begonia (2016), a song which the late Teng would not have sung before.

Some Chinese reports said the impossible was made possible as the hologram's rendition of the recent song was performed by a singer whose voice is similar to that of Teng.

Many fans were left impressed by the time-bending segment, with some noting that Zhou was only three years old when Teng died at the age of 42 in 1995.

This was not the first time Teng had made a "comeback" as a holographic performer. In 2013, she "appeared" at Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou's concert to perform three duets with him.

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