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A-mei concert-goer told to lower Pride flag during Rainbow performance

Well before Taiwanese pop star A-mei took the Indoor Stadium stage on July 7 and 8 as part of her ASMeiR 2023 World Tour, fans were cautioned against bringing flags into the venue. 

During her second show on Saturday, concertgoers were also told not to wave rainbow flags during a performance of her hit song ‘Rainbow’.

One fan, however, must have not understood the memo and waved a rainbow flag attached to a light stick while standing in the front row. He was duly told to put down the flag by a security guard.  

A video shared on Instagram and TikTok by content creator Andee Chua showed the interaction between the security guard and concertgoer.

The guard pointed to the flag and crossed his hands, implying that the rainbow flag was a no-go. The concertgoer appeared confused at first, but lowered the flag as the guard walked off. 

"That's outright discrimination, isn't it? Take a chill pill, it is just a flag," wrote Chua in his TikTok captions.

@andeecys WTF! We were all asked to put down our rainbow flags are Amei’s concert last night in Singapore when she literally sang “彩虹🌈Rainbow” 🙄🤷🏻‍♂️ that’s outright discrimination, isn’t it? Take a chill pill, it is just a flag🩷 #amei #concert #singapore #rainbow #lovewins #LGBTQ #張惠妹 #張惠妹演唱會 #新加坡 #彩虹 ♬ original sound - Andee C.

Speaking to MS News, Chua said he was disappointed to see security telling people to put down their pride flags while A-Mei was singing.

“One might argue that it is because they are afraid it might block the view of others.

“My husband and I had our big pride flag and were holding it up to only our waist – but we were still asked to put it down and keep it away,” he said.

Referring to A-Mei’s song and the lyrics, he added: “Something so pure, filled with love, and a special moment for the fans… had to be ruined by these party poopers.”

An MS News reader also submitted a response they received from SISTIC, the concert’s ticketing agency, stating that flags were not allowed into the venue, directing the reader to admission rules on its website.


This is not the first time A-Mei’s song ‘Rainbow’ has courted controversy.

In 2014, The Straits Times reported that the singer was advised not to perform the song at her Spring Wave concert here.

During a performance of the song in 2013, A-mei had asked audience members to show affection for their same-sex partners and projected images of concert-goers – including gay couples – kissing.

Then-Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim said that the “segment of the show promoted a pro-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) message”.