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S.H.E’s Selina Jen is 12 weeks into her pregnancy

TAIPEI – Taiwanese singer Selina Jen of girl group S.H.E has disclosed that she is 12 weeks pregnant.

The 41-year-old made the announcement via her podcast posted on Weibo on Monday, adding that the baby was probably conceived during a trip to Vietnam in late 2022.

The singer-actress said she has given her baby – she does not know the gender yet – the pet name “Little Cashew” because cashew nuts left an impression on her during the trip.

She felt unwell at the beginning of the new year and believed she was pregnant only after she used three different pregnancy test kits.

Jen made the announcement a year after she confirmed on social media in March 2022 that she has found new love six years after her divorce from lawyer Richard Chang.

She and Chang were married for five years and split in 2016.

She is now dating a man known to the public only as Syu, a non-celebrity seven years her junior.

She has not disclosed how he looks in her social media photos, although her mother accidentally posted a photo of him in March before deleting it.

Jen said in the podcast she and Syu shed tears when they found out they were having a baby.

She was previously concerned that she could not get pregnant at the age of 40 after many unsuccessful attempts over a period of six months.

Jen also posted the good news on other social media platforms later, sharing photos of an ultrasound scan and two books for expectant mothers and fathers.

She expressed hopes that her baby would be a happy child, and wrote that her S.H.E bandmates Ella Chen and Hebe Tien like the child’s pet name too.

Jen’s manager told Taiwanese media that marriage is not on the cards for the couple now because the pregnancy takes priority.

S.H.E's Selina posted several photos with her boyfriend on social media on Feb 14. PHOTO: SELINA JEN/FACEBOOK

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