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Thai actor Bright and singer Nene confirm they are dating

Thai heart-throb Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree and female idol Pornnappan Pornpenpipat have confirmed they are dating, after recently being spotted together in Japan.

Bright and Pornnappan, better known as Nene, were seen holding hands in a video circulating on social media on April 21.

Bright held his solo performance, Bright’s Home Party In Japan, at Tokyo Gymnasium on April 20 and 21.

“I know there is recent news that might have caught you off guard,” Bright wrote in English on social media platform X, formerly Twitter, on April 22.

“I just wanted to clarify a few things, especially for my fans who are always so caring and curious about how I am doing – yes, we are really dating. I’d like to apologise for shocking you with this news.”

The 26-year-old singer-actor said he has always striven to be true to himself, and that his focus has been on spreading love and positivity through his work.

“Nene is one of the most precious people I’ve met,” he added. “She makes me feel warm and safe every day we’ve been together. I hope you guys will cheer for us.”

Nene, a former member of Thai girl group MilkShake, responded to the dating rumours at about the same time.

“I wanted to have a little chat about some recent news that might have surprised you,” the singer-actress wrote in English on social media. “So, about the recent articles – yes, I’m currently in a relationship. Sorry for not being able to share this with you earlier before it made the news.”

The 26-year-old also praised her boyfriend in the post.

“Bright is a warm person. We support each other when things are tough and celebrate together when we’re happy,” she wrote. “When we are together, I find myself laughing more, smiling brighter and feeling unafraid to take risks. Because I know there will always be someone to accept me, support me and catch me if I fall.”

Bright, one of the hottest stars of Thai entertainment, found fame in the hit boys’ love drama 2gether: The Series (2020). He also starred in the romantic drama F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021 to 2022), in which he played the Thai version of the rich and cocky protagonist Tsukasa Domyoji from the Japanese manga.

Nene, who is also known by her Chinese name Zheng Naixin, gained fame after placing fifth in Chinese female idol survival show Produce Camp 2020 and debuting in project group BonBon Girls 303 in 2020.

She also acted in 2gether: The Series and was one of the mentors on the female idol survival show Chuang Asia: Thailand (2024).


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