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Netizens slam Nick Cannon's new K-pop inspired Nickelodeon show

In YouTube's latest report, viewership of K-pop videos on the popular video sharing site has risen from 700 million views in 2010 to 5.5 billion views in 2013.

So no surprises that the genre has made its way to US TV, specifically the Nickelodeon channel.

But some netizens who have seen the trailer for Make It Pop, touted as a "K-pop inspired Glee", were disappointed at the lack of K-pop elements in it.

Co-created by Nick Cannon and Thomas W. Lynch, the plot revolves around three freshmen girls who become friends because of their love for K-pop.

Fuse TV reported that the girls then form their own girl group and bubblegum pop melodies, with their first being Party Tonight, amid colourful backdrops with cute and sassy choreography.

Here are some comments by netizens who expected "more K-pop" from the show:

Watch it for yourself and tell us what you think. 

Are they a cool, Americanised version of K-pop girl groups like 2NE1?

Source: Fuse TV, YouTube

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