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Actor Desmond Tan’s wife is pregnant with a girl

Home-grown actor Desmond Tan is set to be a father soon.

“Definitely the happiest news to share: Mrs Tan and I are welcoming a baby girl in 2024,” the 37-year-old wrote on Instagram on Wednesday.

“Every day, we’re still in awe that we have a tiny miracle on the way, and our hearts couldn’t be happier.”

In late 2021, Tan tied the knot with his university sweetheart of 12 years, whose identity has never been revealed.

He shared a video with the post, in which he wrote that he and his wife have not told their two dogs yet about the family’s expansion.

The actor told news portal 8World that he had learnt about his wife’s pregnancy in early July.

“I don’t remember the exact date, but I recall that I had to get up early that day to shoot All That Glitters, which is airing now,” he said, referring to the ongoing Channel 8 drama which also stars Ayden Sng, Jeremy Chan and Chantalle Ng.

“I got up at 5am to prepare to start work and I felt that my wife was behaving mysteriously. There were two lines when she showed me the pregnancy test kit later.

“I didn’t cry. Both of us hugged each other as the feeling was beyond words,” he said.

The Star Search 2007 finalist said he had wanted to share the news as soon as possible. “I decided to share the joy with everyone now that the crucial first three months are over.”

The actor, who was recently in Paris for a YSL Beauty event, told 8World they are expecting a girl.

“We are very happy because we hoped that our first child would be a girl as we feel that the elder sister will take care of the family,” he said.

Will he start planning for the next child?

“I feel that gender does not matter after this experience, as what is the most important is the baby’s health,” he said. “Of course, I do hope to have a son, so we can form the word for ‘good’.” 

The Chinese character for “good” is formed by two Chinese radicals: one for girl, woman or daughter, and the other for child or son.

Tan added that he has already thought of the Chinese and English names for his daughter, but he will not disclose them publicly.

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