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Actor Li Nanxing's Instagram account hacked by swindlers

If "Li Nanxing" messages you on Instagram and wants to borrow money from you, ignore "him".

The local actor alerted his fans in a Facebook post on Tuesday (Jan 18): "Hi everyone, just to inform the public that our Instagram account LNXGLOBAL_OFFICIAL has been hacked last night.

"Kindly do not respond to any other Instagram post. We will try our best to restore it as soon as possible."

The 57-year-old told Chinese-language evening daily Shin Min Daily News that the incident took place at about 2am on Tuesday when he discovered that he could not gain access to his Instagram account.

He was informed by his friends later that someone had used his name in an attempt to borrow money.

"Fortunately, that friend was not tricked, but the amount of money asked was substantial," he said, adding that it was $40,000.

The veteran actor said this was the first time his Instagram account had been hacked in an attempted scam.

He decided to make the public announcement as he was concerned that other friends could be targeted.

Li - known as the "Ah Ge" or Big Brother of the local entertainment scene - also received an e-mail from a stranger, who told him to call a certain number if he wanted to get his Instagram account back.

The e-mail was sent under the name "Akil la", with the number beginning with +44, the country code for Britain.

Li, who recently starred in the Channel 8 drama The Peculiar Pawnbroker, has just completed filming a dialect drama serial, I Want To Be A Towkay.

He told Shin Min he was originally due to fly to Europe for a product-endorsement job, but the trip may be delayed to March due to the outbreak of the Omicron Covid-19 variant.

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