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Actress from viral 'Crimewatch' clip says she's 'immune' to the cringe

After a clip of an argument between two “ah lians” from local TV programme "Crimewatch" made the rounds on social media recently, one of the actresses in the scene says she's immune to how “cringeworthy" the scene is.

The 30-sec scene from the 2013 season of the show, featured Star Search finalist Jernelle Oh, now 27. It was first posted on Twitter on Dec 21 and has amassed over 10,000 views.

In it, Jernelle and another actress play “gangsters gals” embroiled in conflict and the clip begins with one of them saying, "Why not? You're nothing but a prostitute", and her counterpart replying with: "How dare you call me a prostitute? You better say sorry." 

Eventually, they decide to square off against each other “tomorrow, 4pm at Pioneer Mall”. 

The tweet got retweeted, memes were created, and TikTokers – both local and international – even created their own amusing spin-offs of the original video.

When caught up with Jernelle over a phone call, the actress said she was not affected by how people were calling it a “cringeworthy" scene.

“I thought I did okay when I saw it eight years ago. But now that I'm rewatching it again, at the start, I did find it cringey. But the more I see [the scene], the more I become immune to it, 'cos the cringe part doesn't affect me anymore,” she said.

"I think everybody has a side that is more loud and rude, it's just whether or not you'll show that side on a daily basis. So, while I was acting in that role, I really let go, and became the ah lian that I can find deep inside me,” she added.


Jernelle also hopped on the trend, doing her own recreation of the scene along with the other actress, Shanice Koh. The TikTok video, posted on Dec 15, has garnered close to 950,000 views.

@shanicekoh31 #duet with @ohyushi here we go🕷#fyp #tiktoksg ♬ why not you are nothing but a - 🇸🇬SG Must Watch La!

Jernelle went on to share that she landed an audition for the role as her police officer uncle knew the producer involved in the series.

The actress is now more known for her role as Chai Lai in The Heartland Hero.

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