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Actress Yvonne Lim back in Singapore for her first drama since 2019

Taiwan-based actress Yvonne Lim is back in Singapore and will be filming a new drama.

In a social media post on Wednesday (July 6), Lim posted a short clip and photos of herself with her family back in Singapore, as she wrote: "YES to yummy local food. YES to NDP 2022 on homeland. YES to meeting friends and family. And YES to my passion…Drama! #newdrama".

Lim, 45, told Chinese-language evening daily Shin Min Daily News she returned to Singapore to film the new drama as she liked the role she would be playing.

She declined to give more details, saying only that she will be filming till late October or early November.

The actress, who has starred in dramas such as Stepping Out (1999) and Metamorphosis (2007), has been living in Taiwan since marrying Taiwanese businessman Alex Tien in 2014. Lim and Tien, 42, a member of the now-defunct boy band B.A.D, have a seven-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter.

At this year's Star Awards in April, the actress won her ninth Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste prize. But her win raised eyebrows as she had not acted in any new local show recently: the shows she last acted in were from 2019 - While You Were Away and A World Of Difference.

"As much as I miss my work and acting, my commitment to my family as a mother of two young kids plus the pandemic have made it difficult for me to leave my family in Taipei and come back for projects," Lim wrote on social media in response to doubts over her Star Awards win.

On her return home, Lim told Shin Min she is very happy that she will be able to celebrate National Day with her family in Singapore this year.

"My only request for coming back for filming is not to work on National Day, so that my husband, children and I can feel the joy in celebrating National Day with the rest of the nation," she said.

Lim said that while she was not able to secure tickets for the National Day Parade this year, she may book a hotel room to watch the fireworks.

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