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Cheryl Wee plans to send kids for self-defence classes after son gets bullied

Local entrepreneur and Jean Yip heiress Cheryl Wee says she plans to send her kids for self-defence classes after her 5-year-old son was allegedly bullied during tennis lessons.

Taking to Instagram last weekend to share about her son’s encounters with the bullies at his tennis lessons, the 36-year-old former actress wrote: “Marc came home from tennis recently and told Roy that two older boys (probably eight to 10 years old) told him that they wanted to tape him to the tennis fence and tape his mouth.” 

Wee and her husband Roy Fong are parents to three kids, including daughters Emma and Elly.

She recounted how she and Marc were in a lift with the same boy and his mother a few weeks prior. The boy had seen Marc and apparently remarked that he didn't want to "play" with him and that he "didn't like" him.

According to Wee, the boy's mother didn't say a word.

Wee also said she saw the boy teasing Marc for having "baby sisters" last week and behaved arrogantly when confronted by her. 

"I understand bullying and mean talk are part and parcel of growing up. And we can't be there 24/7 with our kids. Nor can we stop others from being how they are or how they're raised.

"But we're also teaching Marc and Emma how to stand up for themselves," said Wee, as she asked her followers their opinions on how to teach children to "deal with bullying".

"My parents raised us to be independent and to learn to fend for ourselves and each other. Similarly, this is how we've raised our kids. To treat everyone with kindness, and help those in need or weaker than you. But step on my toes and I won't be polite.

"We don't condone violence at home and constantly remind (our children) that we need to be compassionate to others. Especially those younger and more vulnerable.

"But if anyone bullies them, we teach them to say very firmly 'Stop doing that, I don't like it' then tell an adult, teacher, coach and us."

She added that she and Roy plan to send their kids for self-defence classes should anyone "try to hurt them".

"Unfortunately bullies need to be stood up against, and know they can't go around bullying people. We don't go around bullying people, but 'Don't mess with us' is what we teach them too.”