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Eye candy on the Star Awards red carpet

The red carpet of Star Awards 2016 served up a dazzling parade of eye candy. There were actresses with daring necklines and sexy get-ups, a lovey-dovey celebrity couple, and a heavily pregnant mumto- be


Chin was in the night’s most va-vavoom outfit. The 31-year-old wore a translucent Paolo Sebastian dress which, in host Dennis Chew’s cheeky words, “exposed everything”.

It wasn’t the easiest of dresses to don though.

At one point, Chin accidentally stepped on her own dress and fellow actress Belinda Lee had to help her straighten it.

Not to be outdone was Liu, 37, who flaunted her long legs in a black seethrough gown.

The “lucky” dude accompanying both women on the red carpet? Local actor Pierre Png.


Everyone’s favourite local TV and real- life couple Peh and Qi might be parents of an eight-month-old baby girl now, but they certainly haven’t turned into a frumpy mum and dad.

Peh, 32, looking svelte and stunning in a silver gown, said shyly that she was in attendance “mainly to give support to my hubby”.

Qi, 39, who had rushed back to Singapore from a tight filming schedule in China, received the All-Time Favourite Artist accolade alongside Rui En.


Taiwanese actress and host Pang, 33, is expecting her second child, a girl, in June.

Accompanied by actor hubby Andie Chen, she smiled radiantly for cameras.

Star Awards wasn’t as joyous an occasion for Pang last year.

In April 2015, she suffered a miscarriage in between her hosting gigs during Show 1 and Show 2 when she was four weeks pregnant.


Lim, 29, sporting jet-black hair and hipster baby doll bangs, walked down the red carpet with actors Elvin Ng and Desmond Tan.

As she told hosts Chew and Pornsak Prajakwit, she went there fully prepared for the daunting 50-step stairway that all the celebrities had to ascend as part of the red carpet.

“The heels of my shoes aren’t high tonight, and if you look at my dress, it’s short in front and long at the back,” she said.

Of course, she can always lean on the hunks beside her if she is in danger of tripping. Ng, 35, joked: “Desmond and I are here to protect her.”


Veteran TV host Quan, who walked the red carpet with male host Guo Liang, looked striking with her short, funky, platinum blonde locks.

The 42-year-old wore a cleavage-baring black gown that led to host Chew teasing: “We know Feng jie (Chinese for older sister) tried to cover up her chest, but there was just no way she could.”

Prajakwit playfully added fuel to fire and joked: “Guo Liang da ge (Chinese for older brother) probably doesn’t know where to look now.”

Desmond (Tan) and I are here to protect her.

— Elvin Ng on Desmond Tan and himself accompanying actress Rebecca Lim

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