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Gatecrashing custom a no-no for Rebecca Lim on her upcoming big day

It is no secret by now that local actress Rebecca Lim is preparing for her upcoming wedding.

And while the 36-year-old still hasn’t pinned an exact date for the big occasion (though she’s hoping for it to be this year), or even decided on the wedding gown yet, she is certain on a couple of things. 

Speaking to CNA Lifetyle recently, Lim, who will be tying the knot with Matthew Webster – an assistant vice-president of corporate branding at PSA Singapore – said she has at least already settled on the wedding planner. 

“I’m getting Lelian (Chew) of The Wedding Atelier. She’s very experienced in that area, and we’re kind of on the same page for the wedding.

“I actually don’t feel that stressed over the wedding because I know that most of the things will be taken care of, like my hair and makeup. As long as I've got that settled, that is a huge relief.”

She has also decided to do a “guo da li” – a Chinese wedding custom where the groom delivers wedding gifts to the bride’s family to show his gratitude and sincerity. 

The bride’s family then shows their acceptance of the groom by accepting his gifts. 

There will be no wedding “gatecrash”, however – the tradition where the groom and groomsmen perform tasks planned by the bridesmaids before they are allowed in to see the bride. 

“I’ve been a bridesmaid several times, and each time, I’ve felt very awkward (during the gatecrash bit),” said Lim.

“So it’s always been a ‘Note to self: If I ever do get married, I don’t want a gatecrash’. Besides, all my friends are mothers, and they’ve told me they don’t think they’ll have the energy to do anything like that.”

Lim added that she always feels bad for the groom during gatecrash events. “The groom always comes to pick up the bride all sweaty or has lipstick all over his face. Not a good look.”  

So as wedding bells loom, is Lim happy to be leaving singlehood behind?

“Definitely happy, but I’ve never really thought of it like it’s a clear-cut end of one phase of my life. But I am very excited about the next chapter,” she said.

“(Matthew’s) the piece I’ve always yearned for. Both the piece and the peace that completes me.”