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Annette Lee would feed their kid food that’s dropped to the floor, husband says

When local actress Rebecca Lim tried to distinguish who was the “strict parent-chill parent” between comedian Annette Lee and her husband Raphael Foo, there was immediate consensus. 

“I'll be a pretty chill mum,” Lee said. “I think he’ll be the one disciplining the child.” (Pointing to Foo)

Foo, 32, agreed, saying he was a perfectionist while Lee, 30, was more relaxed. “She’ll probably feed the child food that’s been on the floor,” he added.

Defending herself, Lee said: “I’m a perfectionist when it comes to work, but I’m really chill with my family.”

On the latest episode of her show With Love, Becks, Lim, 36, sat down with the couple to discuss marriage, relationships and life. 

Lim and Lee were actually meeting for the first time. They became friends after the former slid into Lee’s DMs (direct messages) after seeing her comedic skits on social media.

Lim got to star in one of Annette’s improvised comedy skits recently as well – in a YouTube-exclusive clip posted on Mediacorp’s channel.

Married at 25 to her first boyfriend, Lee presented a fresh take on relationships to Lim, who previously chatted with actresses Fann Wong, Xiang Yun and Jesseca Liu, as well as Minister of State Sun Xueling, on her show.

“I can’t bring myself to imagine what it’d be like to get married at 25,” Lim said. “I’m more mature now, so I’m clearer about what I want.”

Lee replied that it was after spending time with Foo’s family that she learnt “every family is different”, and felt a sense of security with them.

“I think as long as you work towards a harmonious marriage, that’s all that matters,” she added.