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Gordon Ramsay praises Malaysian influencer Khairul Aming’s dish

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay lauded Malaysian influencer and internet personality Khairul Aming’s cooking in a TikTok video posted on Wednesday, offering to show him how to prepare the dish when he arrives in Malaysia “next week”.

In Khairul’s original video posted on May 5 which Ramsay reacted to, he prepares a portion of burnt sugar steamed pudding, crediting the recipe to Gordon Ramsay’s cook book Uncharted.

“The pudding tastes really good,” Khairul said in the video’s description. “Please give it a try!”

On Thursday, Ramsay posted his reaction to Khairul’s video on TikTok, where he has over 37 million followers.

“Hello Malaysia! We love Malaysia,” he quips at the start of the video.


#duet with @Khairulaming Spoons on me for the holidays ! Well done ! Get more recipes like this in my #unchartedcookbook Gx #ramsayreacts

♬ original sound - Khairulaming - Khairulaming

Ramsay then explains that the dish comes from New Zealand as Khairul continues making it, before commenting on the ingredients being mixed with an undersized spoon.

“Kid, I’ll need to get you a bigger spoon for Christmas, that’s a tiny spoon!” Ramsay exclaims.

He then animatedly notes that the mixture had “a few lumps!” before Khairul proceeds to steam the pudding.

“Oh hello!” says Ramsay, smiling as Khairul unveils the finished product. “Kid, I’m gonna be in Malaysia next week. I’ll show you again. Well done!”


#duet with @Gordon Ramsay #Duet haaaaa Gordon Ramsay noticed my video. Thank you! ?

♬ original sound - Khairulaming - Khairulaming

On Thursday, Khairul posted a TikTok of his own about six hours later - he has 3.5 million followers on the platform - reacting to Ramsay’s comments, expressing his appreciation for the attention he had gotten.

He said that he had only realised that Ramsay had reacted to his video when he was tagged in it by some of his followers, and quipped he was anxious to watch it for fear of being cussed by the famously colourful Scot.

“Oh, come to Malaysia and I’ll give you sambal,” says Khairul, smiling as the video ends.

Khairul, 30, became a social media sensation after he started sharing videos of his recipes in 2017, with his fans enjoying both his culinary creations and the humour and tender style of narration over his videos.

His videos are widely shared over various platforms every year during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, where he embarks on a “30 days, 30 recipes” series.