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'I have nothing now': Sharon Au's Paris home burglarised

Host-actress Sharon Au's apartment in Paris was broken into on April 30.

The 46-year-old said it took her 11 days to share what happened in an emotional Instagram post on Wednesday (May 11).

"They took everything I love," she wrote.

"I have nothing now."

However, she was grateful they did not take "the one thing that money cannot buy" - her pet cat Rudon, whom she called is the "love of my life".

Au also shared a photo on Instagram Story of Rudon looking at a police officer in the apartment.


"He was alone in the apartment and witnessed everything," she shared.

"Today he is still traumatised by the invasion. Even the slightest sound startles him now," she added. 

"I thank God that he is safe, unhurt, and did not run away. He waited for me to come home."

Au added added: "Starting from zero. Again. This is life."

Au left the local entertainment scene and relocated to Paris in 2018 to work as an investment director at a private equity firm.

She told The Straits Times that she resigned from her position after the burglary and is currently not working or looking for a new job. "I think I need to heal first and reevaluate life here in France," she told ST.

She returned to Singapore earlier this year for Esplanade’s Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts 2022.


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