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Jeanette Aw wins Best Actress at 7th try

Jeanette Aw from The Dream Makers 2 is finally crowned Best Actress after 7 nominations in 14 years

Fat hope.

That was how a Mediacorp senior executive evaluated Jeanette Aw's chance of clinching the coveted Best Actress award.

"Do you think the time has come for Jeanette Aw to bag the top prize? Fat hope. She was nominated in similar roles in the past and didn't win," the executive had said.

It was Aw who had the last laugh at last night's Star Awards Show 2.

She was crowned Best Actress, one of the highest accolades in the ceremony, for her role in The Dream Makers 2.

It was her first time winning Best Actress after six previous nominations since 2003.

The 36-year-old said in her acceptance speech last night: "Well, hope has always been slim or even nonexistent for me. But I guess today, against all odds, there's still hope."

A smiling Aw embraced by fellow actress Huang Biren.

In a separate interview, a visibly happy Aw admitted it felt horrible to read those comments from her own company's senior executive in an entertainment magazine.

"Because in the past few years, there was really no hope for me," she joked.

Thought to be the hot favourite to win in 2009 for her lead role in The Little Nyonya, Aw lost the award to co-star Joanne Peh.


"If I had won with my character in The Little Nyonya, people would think it was natural that I did because it was such a big role.

"So I'm glad I won the award with this character because it means that people are seeing my acting more than the role," Aw told reporters backstage.

Aw said she was relieved to have won the Best Actress award.

She was a bundle of nerves all night during the ceremony.

"I wasn't so nervous in the beginning, but as more people asked me about (the nomination), I got more and more nervous... I was unusually nervous and Zoe (Tay) was telling me to smile because I was just that nervous...

"I've been nominated many times and each time had been disappointing. I was worried that today would be the same," she said.

Aw, who was also named the Favourite Female Character, said: "The happiest today would be my parents because they always wanted their daughter to go up (onto) the stage."

Her co-star in The Dream Makers 2, Qi Yuwu, was named Best Actor last night. Qi also won the Favourite Onscreen Couple award with Aw.

Sharing a kiss with his wife, actress Joanne Peh, before giving his acceptance speech, the 39-year-old said: "(The point of) acting is not to win an award. Nevertheless, I'm still very happy."

Elaborating backstage after his win, Qi told reporters: "I did think it was possible (that I would win), but I didn't think too much since it's not something I can control... Acting and the award are not connected. But still, it's an affirmation."

Actress Julie Tan continued her winning streak from last week by clinching the Best Supporting Actress award last night.

Last week, Tan, 23, took home the Rocket Award (for most improved artiste) and was one of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes.

She said: "Before I left the house, my mummy still said that it doesn't matter if I win, I'm already the best supporting actress in her eyes.

"My next aim is best actress. Then Golden Horse and then Oscars. You need a goal to go forward."


Best Theme Song: Finally (The Dream Makers 2)

Top Rated Drama Serial: Tiger Mum

Top Rated Variety Programme: Ge Tai Challenge

Young Talent Award: Damien Teo

Best Supporting Actress: Julie Tan

Best Supporting Actor: Zhang Zhen Huan

Best Drama Serial: The Dream Makers 2

Best Actor: Qi Yuwu

Best Actress: Jeanette Aw

Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes: Aloysius Pang, Zheng Ge Ping Shane Pow, Dennis Chew Xu Bin, Zhang Yao Dong Zhang Zhen Huan, Lee Teng Jeffrey Xu, Elvin Ng

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