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Kym Ng's first kissing and bedroom scenes given to When Duty Calls 2

After three decades in show business, Kym Ng has finally ticked three items off her acting bucket list: kiss scene, bedroom scene and childbirth scene.

The 55-year-old host-actress, who is well-known for hosting long-running shows like 1990s lifestyle programme City Beat and ongoing The Sheng Siong Show, gave away several of her acting firsts to the military-themed drama When Duty Calls 2, where she plays Pierre Png's wife.

At a recent press conference for the series, Ng joked that while the other cast members were heeding the call to defend Singapore, she and Png were heeding the call to have children. Their arc revolves around their attempts at having a baby as an older couple.

"Ever since I entered the industry, I've been playing aunties. I've never had the chance to do those fairy-tale princess-type romances, so with this drama I gave (Png) my first on-screen kiss and even my first bedroom scene," she said with a laugh.

She added: "It was very exciting."

Both Ng and Png, 48, are married without children, so the childbirth scene stressed Ng out.

"I've never had kids so I don't know how to give birth," she lamented. "I cannot imagine the pain but I tried my best. I pushed and I screamed and, thankfully, the director said the scene looked quite realistic."

The upcoming series, which depicts the lives of men and women in the Singapore Armed Forces, is a sequel to When Duty Calls (2017). Ng, Png, Desmond Tan, Paige Chua and Felicia Chin are among those who reprise their roles while actors such as Tyler Ten, Nick Teo and Benjamin Tan are new additions to the cast.

When Duty Calls 2 premieres on Aug 15 and airs weekdays at 9pm on Channel 8 and is also available on meWatch.