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Local actress Tay Ying has paranormal encounter on set; dad Zheng Geping calls priest to 'cleanse' her

Local actress Tay Ying had to be ‘cleansed’ after having a paranormal encounter on the set of new drama series Silent Walls. 

The 26-year-old said she saw something in the windows of an abandoned house while driving to her set – a heritage house on Seah Im Road. 

Silent Walls shows the stories of four families living in a mysterious house over a century, where one member from each generation is struck by a tragedy and never makes it out alive. 

Speaking to 8days, she said: “I was still in the car when I caught sight of it in one of the windows of the bigger house. I thought I was mistaken so I looked three times — a white figure with long hair, it was just standing there with its hair floating.”

“I still had to get to our house for filming, so I grabbed my bag and ran up the slope. I was shaking,” Tay added. 


What made it worse was when a casting staff member told her later that day that they saw a white figure behind her on the camera monitor when it was not filming. 

While Tay did not “dare to tell anyone on set” about her paranormal encounters, as filming at the location had yet to be completed, she said that coupled with the emotional toll of playing her character, she was left feeling “heavy” and cried for an hour after returning home. 

No matter the reason for her distress, Tay’s father, veteran actor Zheng Geping, called a priest to get her ‘cleansed’ after her crying incident. 

“My dad contacted his friend who is a ‘master’ (and he) gave me a candle and amulet. I had to burn it and pour water on myself, and all that,” Tay said, adding that she “felt okay” after that. 

Tay also said that till now, she remains confused about whether the whole experience “might have been psychological". 

The priest told her the Seah Im estate is “famously haunted” and that he visits it with his disciples to “cleanse and meditate”.

Tay was not the only one who might have experienced something other-worldly. 

On the last day of filming at the heritage Seah Im house, her co-stars Charlie Goh and Darren Lim were getting ready to shoot a scene when a window panel fell onto the stairs. 

Thankfully, no one was injured, but everyone was unnerved by the incident.

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