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Making char kway teow 'very difficult': Actress Charmaine Sheh

Many adore our (and okay, Malaysia’s too) beloved char kway teow. But few can actually cook it.

Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh found this out quite the hard way.

The 48-year-old has been in Malaysia the past two months to film her drama Modern Dynasty Part 2: War of Others with TVB actor Him Law.

"The film crew invited the fried kway teow noodle truck to our shooting location. 

“I got curious and wanted to try it myself," wrote Sheh, adding a video of herself stir-frying the noodles on Xiaohongshu on Thursday (Aug 24).

She seemed to be handling things well, tossing noodles in one hand and pouring soya sauce in the other.

But the way of the wok proved too much for her.

"The chef makes it look easy but it's actually very difficult. 

“The wok is very big and there are a lot of portions to be cooked at a time. It's really heavy," she said.

"I was tired after frying a few times, and with the hot weather, I was sweating profusely in no time."

Lots of hard work and sweat made her realise how difficult it is to be a cook.

We must "cherish the food and the dedication behind it", she concluded.

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