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Mama, is that you in the nude?

TAIWAN - What is an appropriate response to young, impressionable children when they stumble upon their mum's risque photo?

That was what Taiwanese actress and host Cathy Chung asked in a recent Instagram post, which included a photo that was taken in 2010 for FMH’s Men’s Gang.

Chung said: "We were tidying up the bookshelf when 'good sister' (daughter's nickname) saw this photo. She asked, 'Mum, is that you?'

"Little brother dashed in and said, 'I want to see too...'"

Tagging her husband in the post, she added: "What will be an appropriate reply?"

Her daughter is seven, and her son is four.

Actress Cathy Chung married her Taiwanese lyricist husband in 2014. Their daughter was born in the same year, and her son was born in 2017.PHOTO: CATHYCHUNG_SHINYI/INSTAGRAM

Helpful fans shared creative responses that included "Your dad helped to take the photo", "It's because daddy saw this photo and that's why you are both here", to a more direct "Ask, do I look good? It was a piece of work that I did when I was younger, and it reflected my changes."

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